Bonvin 1858

Because it’s never too late to discover a great wine.

Switzerland is full of nuggets, including the Cuvées 1858, which have won several national and international awards.

"As a sommelier I can affirm that this is a gourmet cuvée to enhance the most meticulous dishes."

Paolo Basso, world’s best sommelier 2013

Paolo Basso

"Beautiful freshness and acidity. Very delicate, fine tannins and a wonderful length on the palate!"

Marc Almert, World’s Best Sommelier 2019

Marc Almert

Celebrate the 20th vintage of this emblematic Valais blend!

Take advantage of priority subscription valid until June 30, 2024.

Cuvée 1858

RED 2022

Deep, dense color with black highlights. Fruity, with well-harmonized cherry notes and a light woodiness. Full-bodied and fleshy on the palate, with good tannicity.

It goes wonderfully well with meats such as prime rib, Châteaubriand, lamb racks, game dishes and cheeses of all kinds.

CHF 44.00 instead of CHF 57.00

Cuvée 1858

WHITE 2022

Cuvée 1858 Blanc is a versatile wine that goes perfectly with fish, seafood, white meats and cheeses.

This is a complex wine, with sustained fruit magnifi éd by light oak. It has great ageing potential, which we often tend to attribute to red wines alone.

CHF 39.- instead of CHF 47.00

Cuvée 1858

OR 2022

Cuvée 1858 Or is a concentrate of sunshine.

Made from Ermitage and Sylvaner grapes, this late harvest combines the flavors of the four seasons.

A concerto for soloist and orchestra that combines sweetness and freshness.

CHF 33.00 instead of CHF 39.-

What?! You don’t know them yet?

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in wooden case of 6 bottles 75 cl

Subscription price CHF 44.-/bt, or CHF 264.-/case.
Non-subscription price from July1, 2024, CHF 57/bt.

in wooden case of 3 magnums 150 cl

Subscription price CHF 89.-/bt, i.e. CHF 267.-/case.
Non-subscription price from July1, 2024, CHF 115/bt.

in wooden case of 6 bottles 75 cl

Subscription price CHF 39.-/bt, or CHF 234.-/case.
Non-subscription price from July1, 2024, CHF 47/bt.

in wooden case of 3 magnums 150 cl

Subscription price CHF 79.-/bt, or CHF 237.-/case.
Non-subscription price from July1, 2024, CHF 95/bt.

in wooden case of 3 bottles 50 cl

Subscription price CHF 33.-/bt, or CHF 99.-/case.
Non-subscription price from July1, 2024, CHF 39.00/bt.

Box of one 50 cl bottle

CHF 65.00/bt

in carton of 6 glasses

Subscription price CHF 18.-/glass, or CHF 108.-/carton.
Glasses are not delivered and must be collected from the Celliers de Sion.

The Cuvées 1858 celebrate our rich past and pave the way for a promising future full of surprises.

David Héritier



An authentic friendship, the fruit of Cuvée 1858

Cuvées 1858 are timeless wines created in honor of the founders of the Maison Bonvin on the occasion of its 150th anniversary, celebrated in 2008.

Parches selected in the heart of our estates, selective harvesting, vinification in new oak with extended vatting, manual punching down and a constant search for harmony under the expert guidance of our oenologist Thierry Delalay.

The final blend is meticulously crafted to express the very best of our vineyards and offer exceptional wines with the elegant power that has ensured their success for over 20 years.

Christophe Bonvin


Thierry Delalay


André Darbellay


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