Terms of use for bicycles

Discover the conditions of use of our “Khalkoff” electric bikes

  • The minimum age for all electric bikes is 14.
  • Between the ages of 14 and 16, young people need a category M driving license (mopeds). From the age of 16, you no longer need a 25km/h license.
  • Electric bicycles with pedal assistance of over 25 km/h are considered “mopeds”: category M driving license required for everyone aged 14 and over (or standard car license).
  • Electric bikes must be used on cycle paths.
  • Slow e-bikes (up to 25km/h) are allowed on lanes where mopeds are banned. Fast e-bikes must use these lanes with the engine switched off.
  • In roundabouts, cyclists have the right to deviate from the right-hand traffic rule; they can ride in the middle of the carriageway (or in the middle of the right-hand lane in a multi-lane roundabout).
  • Wearing a helmet (EN 1078 standard) is compulsory only for fast electric bikes (over 25km/h).
  • Secure child seats and trailers are permitted on all types of electric bikes.

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